Overview of FDS services and main products.

Services and facilities

Services and specialties – taking ideas from start to finally installed solutions

We can help with the development of new solutions from idea to finish. We design and manufacture according to requirements in standards such as Norsok, DNVGL, EU Machinery Directive incl. CE marking.

Specialised in design and manufacturing of equipment for hazardous area.

Non-electrical ATEX analysis according to:

· ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

· NS-EN 1127-1:2019 Explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection - Part 1: Basic concepts and methodology

· NS-EN ISO 80079-36:2016; Explosive atmospheres - Part 36: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Basic method and requirements (ISO 80079-36:2016)

· NS-EN ISO 80079-37:2016 Explosive atmospheres - Part 37: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Non-electrical type of protection constructional safety ''c'', control of ignition sources ''b'', liquid immersion ''k'' (ISO 80079-37:2016)

Examples of tasks:

  • Study and development
  • Presentation of proposed solutions
  • Laser scanning and creation of 3D model
  • Detail engineering, 3d modeling
  • Automation, management of industrial processes and production lines (robotics).
  • Facilities for fabrication and overhaul of advanced machinery. All disciplines are in house such as cutting, platework/welding, machining, surface treatment, assembly and testing.
  • Recertification of lifting appliances.
  • Project management
    e.g Planning and implementation of re-classification of rigs (5-year classification)

We offer:

  • Facilities to fabricate and overhaul advanced machinery. All disciplines are "in house" i.e steel cutting, sheet metal work/welding, machining, surface treatment, assembly and testing
  • Experienced skilled workers
  • Efficient and solution-oriented organization with little overhead

Skills and background

We at FDS have a background from the drilling industry.

  • Drilling operations: operation, maintenance, and project execution (classification / modifications, etc.).
  • Design and engineering of drilling equipment.
  • Electrical engineering ranging from installation of electromechanical equipment in high voltage transmission systems via operation / maintenance of electrical equipment on rig to instrumentation / development of software for controlling machines and equipment.
  • Experience in building production lines with extensive use of industrial robots.

Mechanical workshop

FDS can offer mechanical workshop with associated engineering department locally in Farsund. All relevant subject areas are available under the same roof.

Together with our partners, we can offer skilled workers – most with several different certificates of apprenticeship.

We can take on installation jobs, modification assignments and develop new solutions where needed.


The main partners are

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Inventia, Farsund