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Dope Application Machine

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We’ve developed a remote-operated dope machine for doping the box end of the drillpipe.

The machine is prepared for full integration with drilling control systems.

The dope is applied using a rotating brush at the box end of the drill pipe when tripped out of the well.

The doping operation takes around 10 seconds and is done while the drill stand is being transported from the rotary table to the setback. 

An advantage of doping when tripping out is that the tool joint threads are protected against corrosion etc. while being stored in the setback.

What is achieved:

  • optimum quantity of dope is applied to all exposed areas of the tool joint threads / sealing surfaces
  • risk of cold welding is reduced – less problems when breaking the pipe 
  • tripping and drilling connection without personnel in the red zone
  • fast and trouble-free doping – known problems with dope solutions based on spray (dope solidify in pipes and nozzles, spills etc.) are eliminated

The machine can also be used for handling mud bucket, stabbing guide, etc. The brush head is easily and quickly replaced with a mud bucket or stabbing guide if needed.

The machine is prepared for full integration with the rig’s control system, anti-collision etc. Parameter setting, and operation are done from the drill chair. 

Alternatively, the doper is operated remotely, for example, using handheld remote control.